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Sign up now Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, & Create!  

This program is an innovative, online, multi-media program designed to help fathers adjust and parent after divorce or separation.

Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, & Create gives fathers a place to:

Learn:Learn from the real experiences of other fathers. Get current information and recommendations for dealing with divorce and parenting after separation.

Connect: Use concrete examples and creative strategies to connect with their child and manage their relationship with their child’s mother.

Create: Create the relationship they want to have with child. Build new traditions and lasting memories.

This program is equipped with:

  • Videos reflecting the real life experiences of other divorced fathers;
  • A discussion forum for you to connect and share with other fathers;
  • Online tools for sharing photos, comparing calendars, journaling, using a whiteboard, and communicating via chat, video chat, and email;
  • Current and concise information about divorce & parenting after divorce;
  • Recommended activities for you and your child; and
  • Additional resources such as book lists and helpful websites.

This innovative, multi-media program is:

  • Free of charge;
  • Released over a 12-week period, with a minimum time commitment of 30-45 minutes/week;
  • Available 24/7 at any location with an Internet connection;
  • Flexible, allowing you to spend as much time as you would like on various aspects of the program.
  • This program is for fathers who have a child between the ages of 8-16, and have been divorced or separated within the last two years.

Parents of Middle-Schoolers: Help has arrived!

Parenting Through Middle School is available as an e-book.

It is also available by request as a short, easy-to-use web-based Tool Kit. Contact me directly for more information.

Parents love this program because it:

  • Prepares them for the many changes to come,
  • Is accessible at the time and place of their choice,
  • Provides quick tips and concrete guidelines,
  • Communicates evidence-based information,
  • Leaves them feeling confident and empowered!

Parents will learn what they can expect, what they need to know, and what they can do to help their child through the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional they will face in middle school. In addition, this dynamic tool kit provides useful information on important shifts in family dynamics, communication, and parental roles. As your child progresses through middle school, this tool kit will facilitate greater school support by providing information and tips to understand individual and social changes, academics and school success and the many challenges middle school students face.

Downloadable Pdfs include

  • Puberty Charts for Girl and Boys
  • Tips to Connect Home and School
  • Assessment Tool and Guide for Parents
  • 10 Tips for Parents
  • Prep Plan for Middle School
  • Insight and Advice from Principals


A comprehensive conceptualization of peer influence                         Published processes in adolescence

Citation: Brown, B. B., Bakken, J. P., Ameringer, S. W., & Mahon, S. D. (2008). A comprehensive conceptualization of the peer influence process in adolescence. In M. J. Prinstein & K. Dodge (Eds.), Peer influence processes among youth. New York: Guildford Publications.

Case study of capacity building for smoke-free indoor                         Published in two rural Wisconsin communities

Preventing Chronic Disease Journal: Manuscript # PCD-06-0159.R1

Co-Authored with Dr. Ellen Taylor-Powell

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