Private Family Video Website

Many of you are familiar with my new program, Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, & Create. This online program provides a safe, secure, multi-media environment for fathers to adjust and parent after divorce or separation.  Today, I am pleased to announce our partnership with ProudOn, Inc.  With a focus on Internet safety, ProudOn, Inc. created a fun, safe, and secure private family video website.  Check out the following article for more information.

After long and complex research, coupled with our strong relationship with families, we at ProudOnTV noticed a neglect of moms and families of all sizes in current products. Their rather conservative yet very important needs were simply not being taken seriously in today’s over “cool” and “hip” or ultra high-end video trends and social networks. So we considered those needs and took them very seriously and created a product that fits.

Now they are able to instantly create, control and fully customize their own Private family video website named after them. This gives them the safest and most secure place where they can store and share the most private family moments only with carefully selected audience. Only souls that are able to access the website beside them are the people they decided to send an invitation to via Facebook or email. And subsequently they are able to participate too by uploading their videos or by commenting but even then the owner of the website is in full control over it and can automatically terminate any unfit video or member for misbehavior. Naturally every member is notified about anything new happening on the website so they nicely can keep track of each other even if scattered all around the world.

Obviously there is impossible for any security breaches, any spamming with unwanted adds, banners or pop-up windows to happen neither will their videos be reviewed by any 3rd party before allowed to be displayed as it happens on Facebook or Youtube. Because no concerned mom would consciously post videos to share with granny of her kids running back and forth into the sea in their birthday suits during last summer’s holiday at their favorite private resort.

And, last but not least, it is simple so even the beloved grandparents will be attracted and eager to participate instead of being scared away instantly, when encountered, which is what generally happens – bless them! Best of all, it is totally FREE backed with an iOS app that is free as well.

Have a look at our live demo on how your own Private family video website may feel and look.