Why Family Communication Is Such A Big Deal AND How You Can Improve It In 6 Minutes!

Family communication: We’ve all heard about it on the news and read about it online. We know we’d like to improve it but we’re just not sure how to do it. We’ve read the lists of what to do but we just can’t seem to put them into practice.

The simple fact is that communication leads to connection and family is one of the most natural and important places to feel connected.  People form connections all the time with friends, co-workers, members of groups like a sport teams and clubs, or even gangs. Think about that list for a minute.

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Guest Blog from

Kevin Strauss
with FamilyeJournal


What Can You Gain from Community: Reflections from the 100-Year Flood in Colorado

Blog_Boulder flood

I am a resident of Boulder Colorado, one of the many towns that experienced or witnessed a huge sense of loss and devastation from the 100-year flood that crashed through Colorado over the last few days. Whether it is divorce, a natural disaster, or some other major life challenge, this article talks about 5 things you can gain from community.

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