Hope For Divorced Parents

Divorced parents can feel alienated, lost, and scared that the relationship they have with their child may slip away. It is important for parents to know that they are not alone in the range of emotions initiated as the family adjusts to the many changes they experience. Feelings of sadness and fear around losing day-to-day contact with children are coupled with frustrations around finding the adequate support and resources needed to maintain this important and treasured relationship. This may be especially true for the nonresidential father living away from their children. Not only do contemporary fathers express a strong desire to remain active in their children’s lives, research shows this involvement can protect kids from the harmful effects that have been connected to divorce. Safe, secure web communication tools can offer easy-to-use, and interactive contexts were nonresidential fathers can have day-to-day communication and interaction with their children. Fathers contribute to their child’s development by being a reliable and genuine parent. When fathers maintain a constant presence, they affirm that they love and care for their children. One father shared how applying these ideas helped his relationship with his son.

He has always known I am here and what I will do for him…he can depend on me for whatever he needs….hopefully that has allowed him to lean on me….and given him some strength.

There are many ways in which web-based products can help distant parents be reliable and genuine with their children. Sharing a calendar keeps you informed of the important events taking place in your child’s life. Sending a private, secure message to inquire about a recent test your child took not only shows you care, but also opens the door for your child to talk to you if the test didn’t go well. Uploading a picture that reminds you of your child shows that you were thinking of them. Dropping a quick video message of something you are doing shares a piece of you with your child. Children from divorce want a relationship with both of their parents. The web can provide an interactive meeting place and tools for you to maintain and continue to grow your relationship with your child. Using web-based technology to keep a strong and healthy relationship with your child can seem like a daunting, confusing and scary task. As a parent, you need safe, secure, all-in-one web communication tools to face the fear of losing your child. Through ongoing interactions, you will continue to experience exhilaration and moments that you will never forget.

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